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Glow Bundle

Glow Bundle

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This Bundle Contains: 

Liven Glow Serum
 has a unique blend of skin glow ingredients that brighten the complexion and maintain radiance on your skin. It fights against fine lines, Wrinkles blemishes, and Hyperpigmentation to maintain an even skin tone.

Liven Brightening Body Lotion quickly penetrates the skin rejuvenates dead skin cells and brightens the complexion. Its multifunctional formula reduces the discoloration, age spots, blemishes and leads to radiant skin tone. The regular use of the body lotion deeply moisturizes and maintain skin.

Liven Skin Brightening Cream brightens your complexion and fights against a number of skin imperfections including dark spots, Hyperpigmentation, freckles, skin discoloration, and other skin blemishes. It reduces the appearance of fine lines, Wrinkles, and melasma giving you younger-looking skin.

Step 1: Use Liven Brightening Body Lotion + SPF 30

  • After showering or bathing, towel dry your body.
  • Dispense an adequate amount of Liven Brightening Body Lotion + SPF 30 onto your palm.
  • Apply the lotion evenly all over your body, focusing on areas with discoloration, age spots, and blemishes.(Neck, Arms, Hands, Legs) ( Sun exposed areas) 
  • Massage the lotion into your skin until fully absorbed, paying extra attention to areas that require extra brightening and hydration.

Step 2: Apply Liven Skin Brightening Cream (night time) 

  • Once your body lotion has been fully absorbed, dispense a pea-sized amount of Liven Skin Brightening Cream onto your fingertips.
  • Gently apply the cream to your face and neck, avoiding the delicate eye area.
  • Massage the cream into your skin using upward strokes until fully absorbed.
  • Concentrate on areas with dark spots, hyperpigmentation, freckles, and skin discoloration for maximum brightening effects.
  • For best results it is advised to use at night time 
  • Use sunblock after applying brightening cream in the daytime. 

Step 3: Apply Liven Glow Serum (daytime)

  • After brightening cream, apply a pea-sized amount of Liven Glow Serum to your fingertips.
  • Gently pat and press the serum onto your face, avoiding the eye area.
  • Before Makeup: Liven, Glow Serum can be used before Makeup for an instant glowing effect on the skin.
  • Use Sunblock after applying serum in daytime. 
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